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Barrington Motor Works -Christopher and Barbara Betjemann

After more than forty years of motorcycle riding and wrenching, and more than twenty years of the restoration and construction of our personal BMW motorcycles, we, Christopher and Barbara Betjemann established Barrington Motor Works, LLC in 1999 to share what we had learned and knew about the vintage BMW motorcycle with other BMW vintage motorcycle enthusiasts.

Christopher, a former emergency physician who was now retired, needed something to direct his considerable energies and abilities toward. And Barbara, a painter and Christopher's lifelong partner, shared that dream. Over the years of restoration of our own BMW motorcycles and the creation of a number of vintage BMW specials we had not only acquired and developed a significant armamentarium of skills, but had also established friendships and business relationships with many talented and experienced individuals both here and in Europe who, like us, wanted to contribute to the vintage BMW motorcycle community.

Although we enjoy the restoration of vintage BMW solo and sidecar machines, we also take great interest in the building of both vintage BMW race machines and cafe machines for the street.

BMW R26 and 27 Restoration and Service Manual
The cover of the soon to be published restoration and service manual for the BMW R26 and 27 single cylinder machines.

Having said the above, join us and enjoy our website, seeing photographic and written essays about some of the machines that have passed through our shop, as well as learning about some of the services which we can provide to you and others in the vintage BMW motorcycle community.

Except by prior arrangement, our shop is closed all weekends. Shop hours are typically Monday through Thursday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM and Fridays 9:00AM to 4:00PM (all times Eastern Time Zone). We frequently deviate from these hours for vintage meets, days at the racetrack and pleasure riding so it is best to email or call ahead before planning a visit to the shop.

Latest Updates

Updated: July 31, 2016
Our newest vintage BMW motorcycle manual, The Barrington Motor Works BMW R26-27 Motorcycle Restoration and Service Manual is rapidly nearing completion.  The R26-27 manual will be similar in construction and size to our other manuals mentioned below.
The restorations of a traditional Avus Black R26 and a Dover White R27 with an original parade tank to confirm the clarity and flow of our writing, as well as to take the remaining needed photographs have been completed.
Three quarters of the manual is now in the hands of our graphic designer who is now waiting for the delivery of the balance of the manual. We anticipate being able to review the first three quarters of the completed manual within the first week of August.
When the fully designed manual is electronically transmitted to our printer we will offer the manual at a pre-publication discount as we have done with our other manuals. The first 100 such manuals will be both numbered and signed.
Upon the completion of the R26-27 manual and the documentation of both machines, the Avus Black R26 and Dover White R27 with original parade tank will be available for purchase.  Both machines have had their 100 mile checkout rides and will be listed in the for sale section of this website within days.
The Barrington Motor Works BMW R51/3-68 and BMW R50-69US Motorcycle Restoration and Service Manuals are currently in stock and packaged for immediate shipment.
Please go to the "Buy R51/3-68 Manual" button on the left side of this page to learn more about The Barrington Motor Works BMW R51/3-68 Motorcycle Restoration and Service Manual which is applicable to the BMW R51/3, the three R67’s and the R68 machines of the early 1950’s and how you may purchase your copy.
Please go to the “Buy BMW R50-69US Manual” button on the left side of this page to learn more about The Barrington Motor Works BMW R50-69US Motorcycle Restoration and Service Manual which is applicable to the 1955-69 BMW R50, R50/2, R50S, R50US,R60, R60/2, R60US, R69, R69S and R69US machines and how you may purchase your copy.
The Barrington Motor Works R51/2 Engine Rebuild Manual addresses the one year only 1950 BMW R51/2 twin camshaft engine and, when accompanied by our BMW R51/3-68 manual, will serve the R51/2 owner well. References will be made to other significant differences from the BMW R51/3-68 machines as well. Much of this engine manual will be in many ways applicable to the earlier BMW R5, R6, R51, R51SS and R51RS engines.



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